Colour Sorting Train

Age: 3-5 PSC/GD
Secondary Age: 1-3 IT
Curriculum Area: Cognition, Mathematics
Developmental Goal/Activity Objective: To practice cognitive skills of sorting and identifying differences.
Materials Needed:

1. Teddy bear counters

2. Coloured blocks

3. Construction paper in various colours

4. Scissors and glue


a. Cut sheets of construction paper in half (one for each colour of the rainbow ROYGBV)

b. Draw a train engine on black paper and cut it out. Cut out small circles on black construction paper, two per every coloured piece of construction paper and glue them half way off the long side of the sheet to make the wheels. 

c. Lay out the train like the image below on the floor. 

d. Put out a bunch of manipulative (teddy bear counters, coloured blocks and anything else of various colours that you can think of)

e. Place them on the ground next to the train and let the children sort them based on their colour. 

f. For older preschool age children, incorporate math skills by asking them to add a certain number to each colour, or to count how many are in each. You could also challenge them by asking them to add the number of items in one colour to the number of items in another colours. 

Guidance and Safety Considerations: n/a
activity pic
activity picactivity pic


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